Unveiled: disclaimer/description


This is by no means the entire gospel story. There may be certain parts missing or simply hinted at and not fully explained. For example, part I, “The Genesis Escape”, does not explain what the first sin of this world actually was. Part II, “Source of Life” does not cover Jesus’ entire ministry. This series is by no means a teaching or sermon, but a creative writing piece of the gospel story. If you have NOT read the Gospel, I pray this can plant a seed in your heart to seek out who Jesus really is, with the Bible. If you have, I hope this can be a good introduction about WHO this blog is about. Jesus Christ! 


“The Genesis Escape,” sets everything into motion. It goes back to the creation of the world and the events that evidently led to the necessity of a pure and righteous sacrifice. From the moment, God created the world He knew Jesus would have to die for us. It goes on to introduce Jesus and His time on this earth in “Source of life.” Leading up to “The Last Breath,” the ultimate sacrifice. This post is actually written in Pilate’s point of view. Finally, the series will end with “Bridge of Life.” An explanation of what exactly Christ’s sacrifice has done for us. The whole point of this series is to introduce what this blog will be about. I hope everyone enjoys this series!

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