Unveiled: Part I

The Genesis Escape

     It starts with a creator, an almighty being that was there before the beginning – before this world and everything in it. Before the stars and the moon came to be. Before time itself. A creator, an artist in His own right. Beyond our understanding, He made a decision to create something unique. He made the light and the darkness, the waters and the shore. He filled the land with various landscapes that couldn’t compete with one another. Each uncomparable in its own beauty. 

     Inside forests lay hidden treasures in the form of waterfalls and lakes. Slivers of light danced on the morning dew, while flowers began to bloom. Across deserts, a beautiful horizon stretched its hand painting the sky with unimaginable colors. Every day different, every day unique in its own way. And once dusk passes, that same horizon is filled with stars, a sea of light, glistening in the night. 

     He created a whole world, a masterpiece. A picture perfect painting beyond words. Each stroke of the paintbrush taken with care. But, He was not finished. In this beautiful garden, which lay before Him, something was missing. A being of some kind, unlike the creatures that roamed the Earth or even the angels that worshipped at His feet. Something that could love and be loved. A being that could be filled with emotions, comprehend its actions, and grow in intelligence. One that would choose to worship and fellowship with Him. A being created in His own image. 

     With the intention to love, He created; man and woman He created. They were His children. He was their father, their friend. It was a relationship that was chosen, never forced. In the midst of the garden, that choice took the form of a tree. It was known as the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The fruit this tree bore was forbidden and they knew. They understood that they could not have it. Not even one bite. For a time, they obeyed. Until one day, a cunning charmer came their way. This snake spoke enticingly and lured her in with his words.

     The woman gave into the temptation and the man followed in suit. A disease like substance consumed their hearts. Leaving a distance between them and their creator that could not be mended by their own hands. The relationship they once shared and enjoyed was now torn. With this sin that left them broken inside, a change materialized. Nothing would ever be the same again. The snake, this vile temptor, was left cursed, but nothing could undo the damage that was already done. However, despite all of this, His love was still unconditional. He didn’t want them to perish. He couldn’t bare to see His children that He loved so much be swept away. So, He gave them a way out in the form of a sacrifice.

      Time passed. Generations faded. With every sin committed, an innocent animal was gifted. Except, these animal sacrifices were a temporary solution. Little did they know, that their Almighty God had another plan in mind. He knew the fall would occur. He knew that these people would be fickle and unfaithful. All of this was a part of His design for a different kind of world. A beautiful world filled with love, compassion and peace. The outline of the painting was drawn, but it was not finished. A major piece was to be added. To this creation, this masterpiece. The key to his childrens salvation. An innocent lamb. The embodiment of love. The prince of peace. A perfect being by the name of Jesus, our deliverer.  

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