The Idea

     The idea of “Built Upon Grace” comes from a sacrifice filled with love, that granted us salvation. Through grace, God gave us an undeserved deliverance from sin. Jesus himself went up on that cross, as the ultimate sacrifice, so that we could have the opportunity to build something life changing. A relationship with God. In this lifetime or the next, there will never be anything more important than having that relationship.

However, we get so sucked into work, school, friends, family, and even the idea of church, that we start to lose sight of this. We start to neglect it. We forget about the core of our existence as we hide in a building, trying to preserve ourselves and keep OURSELVES safe, instead of following His will. Instead of becoming a vessel used for His glory and His power. Instead of opening the eyes of the world to a love so great and undeserving. Jesus himself spent his time among sinners, but unlike us he wasn’t influenced. Instead he changed lives, restored them. What does that say for us as His followers?

     It is when this relationship is developed that everything changes. Our hearts, our minds, our lives. We start to understand our purpose in this life and our identities become one. This is a relationship that takes everything sinful and broken about us and transforms us into something new. It becomes less about us and more about the spirit of God, the very power that raised Jesus from the grave and that now lives inside all of us. The same power, love, and message that should be flowing out of us every day. A relationship that couldn’t exist without Jesus. A relationship that can’t be earned. A relationship that we don’t deserve. A relationship built upon grace.